Jane Mackey - founder & ceo

Jane is a firm believer in compassion for all creatures and is passionate about allowing all animals the freedom to display their natural behaviors. She is also keenly interested in sustainable living systems whereby the land is developed to support its animal and human residents. Jane plans to demonstrate to the public that farm animals can be a key component in a model of sustainable living, encouraging the mutually-beneficial interdependence of plants, animals, and people, rather than a system that benefits people at the expense of the farm animals as shown in factory farming. Jane is also a CPA and the sole proprietor of One Tree Accounting that specializes in full service, cloud integration accounting.

gina ford - Board chair

Gina has valuable experience in marketing and communications strategy and is interested in learning more about sustainable living systems that integrate livestock. She is currently the vice president of commercial strategy at AcelRx Pharmaceuticals that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for pain, and the principal owner of the consulting firm One Joule, LLC.


Gayla began her animal rescue career at the age of 4 with her first stray cat, "Tiger."  Many subsequent rescues to follow but found time for 25 years working in the fields of finance and wireless. She is also an expert in repurposing land for mixed use. Currently she is in the midst of family life with teenagers but continues to relish moments with friends and volunteering. 

Claire pic.PNG

claire debenning - DIRECTOR

Claire is especially passionate about sustainable agricultural systems and is interested in learning more about animal welfare. She is well-versed in handling all bookkeeping and office functions, and is the cog that keeps all parts of the organization on track and moving forward.

Bob M Pic b&w.jpg

robert mackey - DIRECTOR

Bob is passionate about farm animal welfare and their role as companions in assisting people with behavioral and physical conditions. His vast experience in marketing will help us accomplish our goal of getting our message to the public through electronic media and community outreach events. He is currently the vice president of new product planning at Jazz Pharmaceuticals that specializes in identifying, developing, and commercializing innovations for orphan diseases.

Denise pic b&w.jpg

Denise Mohsenin - DIRECTOR

Denise is currently the director of the non-profit firm of Pandemonium Aviaries that is dedicated to preventing the extinction of targeted avian species through conservation and education. She has extensive experience in marketing, fundraising, and education in the non-profit sector. After growing up on a Iowa farm, she became a passionate advocate for animal welfare and encouraging their natural behaviors.