A Resilient Farm and Food Forest

On approximately 20 acres of available land at oneTree Sanctuary, we are developing a sustainable system of agriculture whereby the agricultural products become a food source for the rescued farm animals.

By creating a food forest, in which multiple layers of plantings are created in a single small space, throughout the property, and by integrating livestock via rotational grazing, the land is more productive and the animals are healthier while fulfilling their natural behavioral instincts.

Plantings also occur to provide components and encouragement of a plant-based diet for the volunteer and internship programs, as well as for community outreach events. Visitors can expect to see alleys of nut and fruit trees, perennial and annual forage, fruits and vegetables.

We see all creatures as a single community


With close proximity and connections to Silicon Valley, we incorporate technology solution partners that help maximize our resource use and enable new functions to improve the operational use of the site. One Tree will showcase these technologies to our visitors and followers through educational and creative content.

Areas of Exploration:

  • water retention and distribution

  • renewable energy systems

  • greenhouse automation

  • ecological health and adaptation

  • precision polyculture