Our History

My name is Jane, and I’d like to share the story of oneTree Sanctuary. Back in 2006, we secured a beautiful piece of property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We knew it was a big leap of faith, but each time we visited the property, we were greeted with sunshine, vast blue skies, and boundless hope.

In its raw state, the property was beautiful, but I always knew that this piece of land was meant for more. I had always dreamed of having acreage and sharing it with as many animals as we could, because I couldn’t bear to see animals confined. “Free to be,” I taught my children, and that’s what I wanted to be able to offer to the world of abused animals.

My passion grew. I began rescuing pregnant dogs. Then I rescued chickens. Then one day I chanced upon a farm sanctuary in New York and my vision for the land became clear. After visiting both California sites,  I began developing a road map of how to develop our sanctuary with some significant modifications. Like the rolling hills of our land, the journey has had its ups and downs. But the vision has never wavered…a sanctuary for farmed animals…and 10 years after first laying eyes on the property, we officially started One Tree Sanctuary.

We now invite you to join us on our journey, to become part of our history, to save lives!