Welcome Daisy!

We have a new resident at One Tree Sanctuary -- Daisy! She was brought to us a couple of weeks ago by a caring owner nearby. Daisy had been attacked by a hawk at 6 weeks of age, her back leg damaged to the point of facing backwards! She was 14 weeks when she game to us, and at the point, she was able to get around by trying to use the right foot as a push-up to move forward and hop. As you can imagine, she couldn't control her direction very well.

When we brought her to our avian vet, Dr Sanders, he felt confident he could perform surgery to correct the problem. Since Daisy's foot still worked properly and her thigh was fine, he thought he could fix the middle leg bone. That was our best hope and we were thrilled! So last Thursday, he cracked Daisy's leg bone, rotated it to the correct direction, and put several pins in. Sounds far simpler than it was, of course, but it was a SUCCESS!

Now the hard part begins on the road to recovery. Daisy must rewire her brain to use the right foot as she used to, to step forward in stead of back with it, and to no longer hop on one foot! So far, on day 5 of recovery, she is full of spunk and most certainly does not want to be confined anymore! She is splaying out her right foot more and more every day, and is starting to use it to walk more normally.

I will try to post pics as we follow her journey. Check out our Instagram feed to see up-to-date pics!