Peach visits the vet

Peach visited the wonderful Dr. Chris Sanders from Wildwood Veterinary Hospital for her splayed left leg. She has been gaining weight, and is no longer a "V" around her breast bone but a healthy "U." The flip-side of this healthy weight gain is her left leg has become more splayed out with the additional weight. But she has problems with both legs such that neither one can straighten out as they should. Her right leg has hardened growths on the bone making it more difficult to stand up, while her left leg has rotated and the tendon slipped so that she can only put weight on a couple toes. Well, creativity to the rescue! Chris created a hard foam wedge to allow more weight to go on the other part of her foot and stabilize her, then kept it in place with some vet wrap. Now we will start the search for a more permanent solution to keep her left leg under her and walk more easily. As for her long lower beak, Chris used a dremel to shorten it to more closely match her broken upper beak...much easier to eat and drink now!

So, she is gaining weight, her broken wing feathers are growing back, and we are working on a type of prosethetic/bracing device for her leg. Such a happy girl with a will to live - what we strive for with every creature at One Tree Sanctuary!