Reverence for All

We are leading an effort to rescue farmed animals from commercial or individual owners who have abused, neglected, or abandoned them, and provide premises for life-long care and shelter. A key element to the endeavor is creating an environment in which the animals can display their natural behaviors, whether it's rooting the soil, scratching for bugs, or foraging to their hearts' content.

We respect the life of farmed animals, from their emotional needs to their instinctive wants to their value as nature's helper.

We see all creatures as sentient

How do we do this?

We have a vision of creating a landscape for the animals to thrive, not just exist. By planting a variety of food sources, we will encourage the natural drive for the animals to eat what their bodies need - for energy, parasite prevention, health. We will also provide veterinary visits and emergency veterinary care, supplemental food (in addition to what is foraged), shelter from the elements and predators, rescue operations, transportation, and temporary housing. 

One Tree Sanctuary will limit its intake of animals to the quantity which can be supported by the land given the animals' natural behavior/ecology. Using this small-scale, highly productive land-use as a testbed, we hope to eventually expand to larger properties that can use the same technology to provide habitat and care for many more farmed animals.

Farmed or farm animals?

Why do we use the term farmed instead of farm when referring to the animals? It is a matter of emphasis. Farmed suggests that the animals are an object, farmed with same respect given to a crop of corn, while farm animals are simply a descriptive term for the type of animals, like that cute dairy cow in the pasture. We want to emphasize that we are rescuing animals that have been treated like objects, with no regard to the depths of their feelings or perceptions.